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No Condemnation

Did you know through Jesus Christ that all that is due to you, all that was stolen is yours? For 2 days I have heard the Word “No Condemnation.” The Scripture is in Romans 8:1 “Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are IN Christ Jesus. In another version it reads: So now there […]

Be Ye Separate

I was sitting at my desk when my husband texted me some disturbing news. Someone that we love very much hurt us. Well, they may have intended to hurt my husband, but really, they hurt us both and everyone else in our family. It was during prayer, after I got the news from him, that […]

Harboring Unforgiveness – Be Healed

Last weekend I had the opportunity to have Communion with a group of Sisters. The way it happened was TOTALLY God! Earlier, I was praying and thinking on unforgiveness. I was thinking also about how some people take communion with unforgiveness in their hearts and how unholy it is to do so. I asked the […]

Come Out Of Hiding

This morning I had a song on my heart. It’s called Come Out of Hiding by Steffany Gretzinger. The song is about God speaking to a someone running or hiding from Him but of course, He sees and knows everything…. so He is telling her to Come Home to Him. God is good y’all! I […]

Discernment and Wisdom to Hear His Voice

Have you ever heard the voice of God with clear instructions on to do something and felt totally confident about it all, plus seeking out His Word and Counsel of the Elders for confirmation? Then to get another person or voice come to tell you the complete opposite? Today’s blog is a reminder to ALL […]


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