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Think It Not Strange – 1 Peter 4

by Stephanie Bailey

I have been getting these words in my mind for weeks now. All I know is what looks strange to the human eyes is NOT strange to a God that KNOWS and SEES ALL works out in front and hidden in darkness. Think it not strange 1 Peter 4 Friday, we came together like normal […]

Grumbling or Complaining Is Not Effective

by Stephanie Bailey

Grumbling and Complaining… We have all done it. Shoot, I did it this morning!  I went to sleep doing it and woke up feeling the same. Finally I just yelled out to the Lord, “Help me Lord! Take this grumbling spirit away from me, I don’t want it!” I actually said that about 3 times […]

He Knows My Name

by Stephanie Bailey

God always speaks to His Children but recently for weeks God has been speaking to His Children about Trusting Him in all things and Following Him when we see situations that LOOK scary. The Creator of all is aware of everything going on! He Knows My Name I woke up this morning with a song […]