Common Sense News also known as CSN is a platform created by husband and wife team Greg and Stephanie Bailey.

Greg and Steph have been married since 2008 and are parents to 6 children. They are lovingly called the “Bailey Bunch” since they are a blended family.

Greg and Steph have had many family experiences being they are blended and because of that, they are using CSN to shed some light on how to deal with real life.

CSNThe goal of CSN is not only to bring clarity on the issues today in this world but to also bring unity of those who are seeking for Truth in those issues.

With the God given gift of Wisdom in Greg from his life in the Military, college and being the Spiritual Head of the Bailey House, Greg opens his heart to the men of today on how to bring common sense into their home.

Stephanie’s God given gifts of discernment, intercession prayer, dreams and visions is where CSN has been birthed.  Stephanie will often share dreams and vision on the website along with clarity and scriptures to go with what God is revealing to her.

Weekly there will be a new CSN discussion that will be uploaded for all to watch. We encourage all of your questions and comments!   If you would like for CSN to mention your business, ministry or event please contact us by filling out the contact form below.

Are you looking for the Truth? Greg and Stephanie give Godly advise. There is no drama here, just the Truth…. that’s Common Sense.