… But She Knows Who To Call …
We call on the Name of Jesus to break every chain! He is the redeemer, the healer and the One who makes us free…. Indeed. We do have the authority in Jesus! You better Walk In It! Psalm 37:34
It was about 4:30pm on a Thursday and I was in prayer for most of the day. Thinking on a dream that my youngest daughter shared with me that 2 of our other daughters were in. Right then I got Authority in Jesus Mark 16 casting out demonsa text from my daughter who now lives in Colorado. She texted me requesting prayer because she has had the flu for 5 days and in her own words, has never felt so bad in her life. She also said she has been praying but nothing is happening.

Like the momma I am, I gave her scriptures to speak out and tell the spirit of infirmity to leave in Jesus name because we have all the power and authority in Christ Jesus to trample on snakes and scorpions! Luke 10:19
Every knee must bow at the mention of His Name and every unclean spirit in not welcome in the Temple of the Holy Spirit which is her body!
I will be honest with y’all….well, I am always honest but, I was mad. Mad that the spirit of flu and sickness had the audacity to invade my baby. I didn’t stop warfare for her until I had this overwhelming peace that God heard. I literally flopped down in my chair and melted in peace.

The thing that happened right before I flopped down is what now makes me laugh in Joy. I screamed out “But she knows who to call though! Her Momma! The one she knows God hears! The one who knows her authority in Jesus!”

My babies are ALL the way in Colorado. But Jesus confirmed His authority in Matthew 8:5-13 when the Roman officer came humbly to Jesus asking Him to heal his servant who was not near them at all. Because of the officers faith, Jesus made the servant whole. So, standing on the Truth of the Word of God, I know that the unclean spirit bowed down and fled from my daughter, because of the Faith I have in the Promises of God.
Are you walking in them?


~ Stephanie B