This morning I had a song on my heart. It’s called Come Out of Hiding by Steffany Gretzinger. The song is about God speaking to a someone running or hiding from Him but of course, He sees and knows everything…. so He is telling her to Come Home to Him.

God is good y’all! I have to start with that because the Lord knows the enemy has been whispering lies to me and others lately. Especially those close to me and those who should be closer to me. But our God is Louder to those who Listen because His Sheep know His Voice.

There is a question that I keep asking the Lord. The question is “God, where are the True and Faithful? Why is this so Hard? You told me to Plow the Ground so the Workers can Seed, Plant, Cave of adullamFertilize, Weed, Prune and Water so that You will bring the increase. But Where are they?”

The Bible says there is a Remnant Romans 11:5.  The Anchor Bible Dictionary describes remnant as “What is left of a community after it undergoes a catastrophe.” To me that sounds terrible! I mean, there has to be a catastrophe to bring unity? That sounds crazy but His ways are not our Ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Who am I to question the Lord who is the beginning and the end. The Great I Am, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Lately I have been seeing more then ever a pulling away from the Saints of God. Not falling away from God, but a pulling away from the Saints of God. I will only speak for myself… I have a desire that I can not overcome. The Lord has put on me a burden for people. Saved people, lost people, people who are young, people who are old, people who need to learn and people who need. He tells me to share with them what He has said. And I do! But I have Jonah moments y’all. I say to God “Why Lord!?! Why keep sharing with them? They aren’t even listening! See Look!! They run from me! They make accusations and assumptions without even asking me so the weeds can be cleared out.” Now, I don’t run from sharing I just ask God why… AND I don’t get all jacked up when people repent and turn back to Him. I mean that’s the point right? Even if it’s one turns back from their error that is one soul Saved because of Love. James 5:19-20

So as I type this, I feel great compassion and sorrow. Compassion for the People of God and sorrow for the Church. Recently there was a death in our city. A man was beat to death allegedly by a husband and wife. This totally broke my heart. Not only because of a life being lost and two others who’s lives are changed forever. But because I knew each person. I, as a Member in the Body of Christ, the Church, who had a part in discipling this husband, wife and their children. I, as a Member in the Body of Christ, the Church, met the one killed not long before the incident and saw him again days before his death, should of STOPPED and prayed for him when the Holy Spirit pulled me to do so.

So why?  Why did this happen in a city with 101 churches listed on How can this and all the other TRASH that happens in our city with SO MANY Churches? I mean, we are in the “Bible Belt” but yet what Gospel is being taught? Are they Spirit Filled? Or do they have the look and sound but do not honor the Lord with their Hearts?
I’m about to get into something else…. That’s for another time.

So back to the point… Come out of Hiding! All that are hiding in the Cave of Adullam! All who are hiding within the walls of the church or home or walls built in their mind that all we are to be doing is serving the same people in our “church” who continue to stay stuck and not grow. I know there is more that have the Mind of Christ and KNOW that there is MORE then just the handful. I know there is a Remnant hiding. I’m seeking Lord. Show the True and Faithful where the True and Faithful live. Connect us Lord so that You get the Glory and Honor and no more souls would be lost.