Have you ever heard the voice of God with clear instructions on to do something and felt totally confident about it all, plus seeking out His Word and Counsel of the Elders for confirmation? Then to get another person or voice come to tell you the complete opposite? Today’s blog is a reminder to ALL of us to ALWAYS seek out the Lord when sharing any of His instructions to another and using discernment when someone else give you any kind of instructions that are OPPOSITE of what the Lord already spoke.

Here are some pointers to help with discernment of voices:

  1. Always pray about dreams and visions God gives you. Write them down and search out the scriptures to back up what the Lord is showing you.
  2. God is not the author of confusion. So if there is an opposite instruction to what the Lord has said, it could either be the enemy lying to you OR the Lord can be telling the other person to go another way. Either way, God is NOT confusion, He is Order.
  3. Trust your gut. A lot of times when someone or something is not right OR not for ME, I get pulled back or get that yucky gut feeling. Trust it. If you are endued on High with the Holy Spirit, He is telling you to perk up and pay attention.
  4. If there is no scriptures to back it up, then use the Common Sense (Wisdom) God gave you to not accept.
  5. Go to Elders that you know and trust who know how to pray and are, of course, baptized with the Holy Spirit.
  6. If you know the person well, then you should know them by their fruit! Do they have Good Fruit or rotten fruit. Matthew 7:15-20
Discernment and Wisdom of Gods voice

With all Discernment and Wisdom of God, Be sure that what you say is not against the Will of the Father for a Brother or Sister in Christ.

I want to share something that I saw reading in 1 Kings 13. There was a prophet who God gave specific instructions to not eat, drink and to not go back the same way he came after the task was done.  On his way, the prophet met another Older Prophet. The older prophet lied to the other prophet saying that an Angel of the Lord spoke to him to let him come back to his house, eat and drink. After the (I will call him the younger prophet) younger prophet did what the older prophet instructed God’s anger arose because of the younger prophets disobedience. The younger prophet was killed by a lion.

SO much of a lesson here y’all. Who’s voice do you hear and who do you have around you with the True Wisdom of God? I’m not saying that the every person that comes to you with opposite instructions is a false prophet. What I am saying is we must always, ALWAYS examine and seek the Lord before we listen to anyone who is saying the opposite of what God has already instructed.

Side bar in this blog…. Even in typing this blog God was dealing with me. We must always seek out the intentions in our heart on what we say or type! I will raise my hand and be totally honest. I have not always known the manner of spirit I am! We have all fall short of the Glory but Praise the Lord the Holy Spirit convicts and shows us our wrongs. Not to beat us up, but to discipline us because we are ambassadors! Christ Representers!! 2 Corinthians 5:20-21 Always being compassionate, merciful and long suffering with all believers. Never doing anything that will injure them but to build them up in the most Holy Faith! Jude 1:20-25

Blessings Always,
Stephanie B.