Early this morning I had a dream that I will share.  After praying about this dream, God disciplined me about how I was being Flavorless Salt this week.

In Luke 14:35, Jesus says that Flavorless Salt is good neither for the soil nor the manure pile.

Dang… that’s harsh but I had to learn a lesson on how my attitude this week was being a sign of flavorless salt. Let me explain. First the dream; I was in a kitchen working trying to get stuff done. I Flavorless Saltwas frustrated and my baby was needing me. Side bar – A baby in this dream was the baby or Gift that the Lord has blessed me with that I am responsible for to nurture and help grow. In this dream I was totally frustrated and ignoring this baby. The baby was needy for my attention and whining a lot. I was so irritated by the whining that I put the baby in a car seat and turned it away from me so it could not see me. But after more whining, I lost my temper and threw a shirt at it, but the shirt had had buttons on it that actually smacked the baby’s cheek and made a hole in it. I ran to the baby and started to cry about what I did. I felt terrible that I hurt the baby and picked him or her up and snuggled it, saw the hole was healing and said I was sorry…then I woke up.

I laid in my bed crying for a few minutes and pondering on what the dream meant. I asked the Lord after a few minutes and He put in my thoughts the Words I always say to my kids “Salt and Light”. Once at work I started my prayer and devotion time. It was after reading all of Luke 14 that I was shot back into humility. God is so good y’all! He is Faithful to warn us that we are straying away from the responsibility He has given us in His Kingdom of God. See, I was working so hard, stressing out over things that the Lord has already promised to take care of and with all that stress I was being a total jerk to those around me. I was not only being frustrated and short tempered, I made myself too busy to write a blog, check on the Sheep that God put in my life and be a good steward with the Gift God has given me. It was like, I put the baby = the Gift from God, on a shelf while I went along and did MY thing. Leaving the Lord out of it because I was too busy….so with all that busyness and leaving the Lord out, I was being flavorless salt for His Kingdom of God. I wasn’t being like Jesus… I was being like selfish Steph = flavorless salt.

Another amazing thing God showed me was that Salt is used as a fertilizer in soil! In 2017 the Lord showed me in a Vision that my husband and I were digging with our hands in soil. He showed us that we will be a part of breaking up the ground for growth in this Community for the Kingdom of God.  Since that Vision, there has been a lot of deliverance, New Wine, New Responsibilities, Heartbreaks, joyfulness and lessons…. We wouldn’t change any of it for the Confirmation that we have now knowing what we are doing as Husband and Wife is the Will of God.

Thank the Lord for His discipline and His Word that goes out to show us when we go astray! Have you felt short tempered lately? Let me give you some Good Godly advise: Step back and examine yourself. Are you being salt and light to ALL people around you? Not just the ones you see every Wednesday and Sunday…. what about in your home, at work, social media or school? Are you nurturing the Gift (the baby) God blessed you with? Do you even know what that Gift is? I would love to pray for you! Just comment below.