God always speaks to His Children but recently for weeks God has been speaking to His Children about Trusting Him in all things and Following Him when we see situations that LOOK scary. The Creator of all is aware of everything going on! He Knows My Name

I woke up this morning with a song on my lips. It is Tasha Cobbs “You Know My Name”. I have embedded the video at the bottom of this blog.  This morning God reminded me of something and I needed to encourage you all to do the same. He showed me that when I trust in Him, He will fulfill ALL His promises to me. Obedience is Key. I say that a lot, but it is totally true! So I am being obedient by writing this blog about the dream I had this morning.

I was at a home in Fl. I will say it was my home because in the dream I knew it was mine and I am saying it was FL because I could tell by the land… it was swampy. When I went to the back of the house there was a line of people lined up at a help desk to get a room to stay.  The help desk staff was a man that I do not know personally but the woman was a lady I used to attend a church with. The woman was overwhelmed by the line of people and she left from behind the desk and said “I can’t do this, it’s too much!” Her facial expression was frustration. I didn’t say anything to her but turned to

He knows my name

go to the porch which was covered with a roof but no sides or ends, just a roof. I looked around the corner between the houses to see the front of the property.  There was one or two alligators who were slithering towards me or the house, then all of a sudden they got up on their hind legs and began to run towards me/the house very fast. I was scared but not too much that I ran. I then saw 3 wolves. They were furious! They came together like they were speaking to each other about what to do next. They started to run towards me/the house in a rage.

I turned to a man that was with me on the porch who happened to be a builder and said “Can you build a lanai that has steel framing and screens to keep them out?” His reaction was sure but… Then the woman who I used to attend a church with suggested “just get a mannequin or a cardboard cut out of Spiderman”. The suggestion was to put this “mannequin” in between the houses where the gap was…where the predators would get in.   The man and others agreed that the idea will scare the predators away, but I  thought to myself, “I will have to Trust in the Lord.”  I woke up right after I thought that and started to sing the song “He Knows My Name”

Hey!! Thank You Lord!! I thank You Lord that You are the God that warns, that protects and covers like nothing else when the enemy is plotting against Your Children!! There really is no reason for me to break this dream to you! You can literally read this and have immediate peace to KNOW that God is saying “TRUST ME, I HAVE YOUR BACK, THE ENEMY IS IN A RAGE BUT YOU ARE IN MY HAND! IT’S VICTORIOUS! IT’S MIGHTY! FOLLOW ME AND I WILL SHOW YOU PEACE THAT THE ENEMY WILL NOT TOUCH YOU”

For about a week the whole scripture of Isaiah 45 has been read by myself, texted by others and shared on Social Media. God is speaking here…. praying when you read this blog that it grips your heart to truly trust the Lord in the situations that are before you. Calling out your family members by name saying “Lord, You know there names and You have this situation in YOUR Mighty Hand.” The Lord is perfectly capable to handle any situation. Could He be speaking to you through all the mess right now? Slow down, peace be still…. give God the time He deserves to check your heart and ask “Lord, what are you showing me in this?” I promise, He will show you if you would just HUMBLE YOURSELF and Pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 Ask and He will show Matthew 7:7

He Knows My Name so I need not waver in my thoughts when the enemy comes in a rage. Read Revelation 12 and be blessed…it’s Common Sense