Grumbling and Complaining… We have all done it. Shoot, I did it this morning!  I went to sleep doing it and woke up feeling the same. Finally I just yelled out to the Lord, “Help me Lord! Take this grumbling spirit away from me, I don’t want it!”

I actually said that about 3 times before the heaviness was lifted from me. It was a phone call that came from a Sister in Christ that changed it all. Side bar….God always knows who to send at the perfect time. I am so grateful for Faithful Sisters and Brothers in Christ.

The phone call consisted of grumbling and complaining of what has happened the day before and how both of our nerves are tore up about No Grumbling Philippians 214it for maybe 5 minutes….

I sat down to hear what my Sister had to say and I felt a burning to pray immediately with my Friend because the Word says “when two or three are in agreement, then God is in the midst.” Matthew 18:20. As soon as I opened my mouth the first thing spoke was Lord help us to do all things without grumbling and complaining Philippians 2:14. After giving God the Praise and Honor for taking the things that He is in control of out of our grips, I could immediately feel His Peace over me and the conversation like a whirlwind.  We ended the conversation with “it’s going to be a great day” and literally, I moved on because I know my Father has all things concerning me in His Grip.

In the devotions I have been reading, Numbers 11 talks about how the Israelite’s are complaining to Moses about how there is no meat in the wilderness. The wilderness that GOD called them to, to guide them through, so they can make it to the Promised Land. With their complaining of having no meat where they are right now, but they had when they were slaves in Egypt, came God’s anger. Seriously, how dare you complain about not having meat when God provided your FREEDOM and ALL your needs in the Wilderness? I would be angry too. If you read the entire chapter you will see that God says that we will provide so much meat that it will make the Israelite’s gag because they rejected Him. Then here comes Moses with a lack of Faith… He asks the Lord how will He provide the meat because I guess there isn’t that many sheep and cattle that the people own to provide for the amount God said for an entire month. God’s response is what we ALL need to hear when we have lacked faith – Has My Arm lost its Power? Now you will see whether or not my word comes true.

I felt like a little speck in this world when I saw that last scripture….because right after, all the junk I was tore up about came together and worked out because, again, He said to me “it’s all going to work out.”

He is faithful like that y’all! Trust Him, cast all the cares of your heart to Him. When you do that, all the negative speech and thoughts go so you can truly be effective Light Bearers in this crazy messed up world.