I was on FB memories today and I saw a post I made back in 2014 about bringing old junk to a new house. I said something like “how can you build a New house with old worn out wood? Once you start to add the walls, furniture and everything else in between (like a family) the framing will not stand! It’s too weak.” This is just like Jesus said about having New Wine in NEW Wineskin (Matthew 9:16-17).  The old wine skin will burst once you put that GOOD Wine in it.  Let me explain the title Pregnant with His Gift

Recently I, along with other women, have been asking the Lord to show us if we have been trying to put New Wine in old wine skins…. The answer is yes. One woman who loves the Lord with all Pregnanther heart has been asking for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. She has for about a year now. But in that year, the Lord has been showing her how He is removing layer upon layer of the old skin so He can Fill her with the New Wine so her hearts desire will be fulfilled! To be an effective Living Stone in the Temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Peter 2:4-5). In a vision during an Intercessory Prayer Meeting, I saw this lady walking back and forth with a HUGE belly! Basically, she was getting ready to have a baby.

If you have ever been pregnant, at the end of the pregnancy you are TOTALLY ready to be done being pregnant LOL!

So, you do what you have to do to start labor. In this vision, she was walking back and forth to start the labor process. What a beautiful Thing to witness! Someone giving birth to the Gift that the Lord Blesses us with to Nurture and Grow.  Sometimes families like to keep it a surprise on what they are having, so we don’t always know whether the Gift will be a boy or girl or multiple Gifts! Questions may even come up that we may not even be sure if we have all we need to provide for this Gift… but let me kill that right now…. If the Lord impregnated you with the Gift, He will Provide everything needed for this Gift to be nurtured and grow into maturity. Thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit! The Seed of Life! The incorruptible Seed that bring forth LIFE abundantly!

If you are in a point in your New Life that you are asking the Lord, “why have I not given birth yet Lord? Or Have You ever impregnated me Lord?” Are you feeling like you are trying to force new walls on old withered wood? Is God calling you to a New Work for His Glory but you are afraid? There is a lot of questions there…. Ask the Lord to search your heart. I know there are more then just this one Woman…there is a Remnant! And we gather all the time by the way 😊

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