I have been getting these words in my mind for weeks now. All I know is what looks strange to the human eyes is NOT strange to a God that KNOWS and SEES ALL works out in front and hidden in darkness. Think it not strange 1 Peter 4

Friday, we came together like normal for intercession prayer for this region. Let me just start with…. The devil is a liar and I rebuke all his evil satanic trickery and manipulation in Jesus Name! I am Think it not strangeOVER his devises to cause division within the BODY of Christ! Too many are deceived by him! Especially those men and women in leadership within the churches. Enough is Enough! There is TOO MUCH passivity going on within the church… There is young sheep hungry and thirsty for MORE of Jesus, more of God’s Miracles and just wanting to be FREE of the stipulations of what MAN has made Christianity to look like.

This morning (it’s Tuesday) I woke up to a facebook post sharing how there has been satanic vandalism in our community. Really? Really….. so, you’re mad? The devil is mad?? He is and will do all he can to get us tripped up y’all… be vigilant and see with your eyes open in all this. After I saw the post, I sat down for a minute and tried to go about my day normally but I was angry. I did my normal routine morning stuff then I got in the car with the kids and we started to pray over the day. After prayer my daughter said “Did you hear about the vandalism at our school, a church and downtown?” Me: “The church and your school?” She proceeded to tell me what someone spray painted satanic symbols on a local church and their school rock. I felt the FIRE of the Holy Spirit rise up in me and immediately started to rebuke the evil works of the enemy over this city. I was mad. MAD that he had the audacity to rise up in this county to mark my kids school, a church of believers that I love and the downtown area! What got me even more mad was that there are leaders in this community who will try to dummy this down like it is no big deal and we should just move on…. REALLY? And you call yourself a woman or man of the Lord? A Sheep? Lord!!?? Think it Not Strange?!

I know….it’s not very “loving like Jesus” for me to speak like this but y’all…. I’m done with the Body who will NOT STAND for our God! The enemy disrespected our school, a House of the Lord and our community!?!??!! Who will stand for Him? Who will not be afraid!? What are you afraid of? If you are a Child of God the enemy can not touch you! He can bruise your heel but you have all power and authority through Christ Jesus to Rebuke him and SMASH his head! Genesis 3:15 I mean, what can MAN do to you? Send you to jail for standing up for our kids, a church and our community? Hebrews 13:6 Psalm 56 Psalm 118

I’m praying diligently for this county….this region actually. I’m praying that ALL His Children, the BODY of Christ will COME TOGETHER and BE STRONG Living Stones for LINCOLNTON!

What are YOU doing?